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Rajesh Ranjan


Rajesh Ranjan

Rajesh Ranjan possess more than 10+ years of experience in working with the open source community of localization and four years experience of journalism. He is the founder of award winning FUEL Project and he has been managing the global community project on standard linguistic resources since the past eight years. He is founder of Bhasha Ghar also that works for less resourced Locales. He is associated with several open source projects including Mozilla Firefox, Wikipedia, Fedora, GNOME, KDE, Libreoffice to name a few.

He is currently working as a Open Source Community Manager, NeGD. He worked as Senior Language Maintainer at Red Hat for 10+ years. He hold a Postgraduate Diploma (Two Years) in Translation Studies and also Postgraduate Diploma in Hindi Journalism (One Year).  He has filed Two US Patents and authored a book including several technical and non technical documents.

He is associated with multiple OSS projects and his contribution is largely related to language computing. He is also a trained journalist. He specialize in building and working with the high performance community of GILT industry. He is a life member of a prestigious organization – the Linguistic Society of India.

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Amanpreet Brar

Amanpreet Brar is a open source and language activist by heart. Based in Canada, he is now working with HP. Before joining HP, he worked in the field of language computing and QA with Red Hat for almost 8 years. He is core member of FUEL Project and worked silently for the benefit of language computing a lot.

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Chandrakant Dhutadmal

Chandrakant Dhutadmal is currently working as Senior Technical officer, in C-DAC, Pune. He has interest in Software localization, Quality Engineering, Technical Evangelism and Project Management. He is an active member of FOSS projects like “Mozilla Firefox”, “Libre Office” and “FUEL” projects. He holds post gradute degree in computer engineering from University of Pune and had over 14 years of experience in language technology and engineering education.

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Satyabrata Maitra

An open source enthusiast, currently working with Red Hat, since the Year 2006, in Quality Engineering Services, active contributor as far as QA in Language technology is concern, involved in QA cycle in Fedora releases, Fedora Test Days, and other qa events supported by Red Hat, handling the Internationalization Language support QA in Red Hat for all of its product lines since joined. One of the inventor of Rendering Engine Test System.

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Felix I.

A farmer, Felix is a degree holder of computer science. He worked in various field like journalist, Translator, Programmer, Photographer and on 2012 he quit his job and switched to farming. Now he is a self learned permaculturist (permanent agriculturist) and doing lot of research on it. In between he do blogging about the nature and sustainable life, environment, waste management with his personal experience. Earlier he used to contribute for some open source localization project like Fedora, Gnome, Libreoffice, Mozilla but currently he is contributing only for FUEL project.

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Ankit Patel

Currently Supervisor, Technical Support at Red Hat, Ankit is an engineering graduate with Information Technology from North Gujarat University. In the beginning of 2004, Ankit has started his journey into the world of corporates, Open Source, Linux, Localization and Free Software from a startup company called Magnet Technologies as a Software Developer before he joined Red Hat as Language Maintainer – Gujarati in mid 2004. Ankit’s main focus area in his current span of career till date has been towards Localization or Language Technologies and Open Source. To work towards his passion, Ankit has played various roles like Technical Translator, Language Maintainer, Software Programmer, Web Developer, System Administrator, Project Management Professional and so on. Ankit maintains a blog at to publish his ideas and efforts related to Language Technologies and various other topics.

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Jaswinder Singh

Started his career as Punjabi Language Maintainer at Red Hat, Jaswinder aka Jassy worked hard for FUEL Project. Currently he is Senior Consultant – System Administration at TriCore Solutions. He has also worked with TechMahindra.

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