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FUEL Project Information in State of e-Governance in Maharashtra 2014 Magazine

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It is matter of pride for all of us that such information about FUEL Project appeared in State of e-Governance in Maharashtra 2014 magazine.
The information is at page 50 of this pdf.

Request came from Maithili and Angika language community came to create UTRRS

Community has started working for Style and Convention Guide in Maithili

Sangeeta Kumari, one of the active Maithili community member, came forward to work to create UTRRS in Angika and Maithili and Style and Convention Guide inMaithili. Some volunteers also came forward to support the work.

Technology driven governance just got a little bit smarter : Article on FUEL in OpenSource?.Com


“The National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) of the government of India strives to make all government services available to the citizens through the use of Information Communications Technology applications. The FUEL Project in an initiative to do just that; it provides linguistic resources needed for localization and included as a reference standard in the Best Practices For Localization of e-Governance applications in Indian Languages. Additionally, the Localization Portal of the government of India mentions FUEL as the best practice that has been developed for dissemination of information and providing basic localization tools and services.”
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FUEL – Downloads

Evaluated Contents under svn :

Development Branch Contents under git :

FUEL – News-n-Views

About FUEL

FUEL aims at solving the Problem of Inconsistency and Lack of standardization in Software Translation across the platform. It works to provide a standardized and consistent look of computer for a language users. The effort of FUEL is unique. It is a set of steps any content generating organization or a team involved in creating localized content can undertake and adopt to ensure consistently highly quality. Including this, FUEL is having a version control system allowing evolution of development, a bug tracker and ticketing system and a mailing list. Collaborative innovation is the most important aspect here in FUEL.

The work of localization needs some basic resources like terminologies or glossaries, style and convention guides, assessment methods along with rendering reference standard, input method, keymap etc. Before FUEL, there was nothing available in free content zone which can be used by open source world and normal localizers and translators. The unavailability of these resources caused lots of inconsistency and standardization problems in native language computers and hence the result was poor usability of native desktops. The distributed language communities were unable to handle it. There was a great need to have a project that can work in the area of creating and establishing linguistic and technical resources for localization need. This was the reason FUEL come forward with a solution to solve the above problems.

FUEL project is an open source effort that aims to solve the problem of inconsistency and lack of standardization in computer software localization. FUEL works to create linguistic and technical resources like standardized terminology resources, computer translation style and convention guides, rendering reference standard, assessment methodologies, translation assessment matrix etc. Currently FUEL is working with 35 languages worldwide.

Initiated by Red Hat, the free and open source community project FUEL has grown into a larger effort. Resources created by FUEL are now used by several language communities, organizations, companies, tools, and pieces of software. Govt of Maharashtra has chosen FUEL for its e-Governance standard. TDIL uses UTRRS as a rendering reference standard. C-DAC has cited FUEL in its Localization Guidelines for term consistency in context of Indian Languages. FUEL is cited as a reference standard in Best Practices for Localization of e-Gov Applications in India.WMF’s’s community collaborated with FUEL and the result of collaboration is again awesome. FUEL now works with 35 languages worldwide.

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