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Name: Frentch

Author : C O R I N A R O E & J U L I E C A R B O N E

Publisher: Fuel Project

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike

Copyrights: Copyright 2011 Fuel Project and Rajesh Ranjan

The purpose of this guide is to establish a consistent voice and style across all IT Open Source content written,

translated or localized in French at Red Hat, while ensuring information maintains the original English intent.

Content is created and translated for a variety of audiences, across multiple media. In some cases, an alternative

translation may be necessary when working with a marketing or technical document, and those differences are

highlighted. We take as a benchmark that English technical documents are aimed to be readable by someone with a

minimum reading and comprehension level of an eighth­grade student, who is of an age between 14 and 15 years.

The Flesch­Kincaid and Gunning Fog index provides measurable grade for English, where a Red Hat guide should

have a Gunning Fog index of 9­12. This level of readability should extend to the translated language, unless a lower

standard is recommended by the country or region.

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