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– K R I S H N A B A B U K R O T H A PA L L I


Name: Telugu

Author :K R I S H N A B A B U K R O T H A PA L L I

Publisher: Fuel Project

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike

Copyrights: Copyright 2011 Fuel Project and Rajesh Ranjan

The Purpose of this style guide is to provide everybody involved in the Telugu localization of com-
puter software translations with standard guidelines which will be very helpful to avoid inconsistency in transla-
tion and make better translation quality. It will guide us to make our translations more accurate & consistent.

This style & convention guide will revamp our translation techniques by guiding us through Characters, Fonts,

Grammatical convention, Date, Time, Collation, Numerals, Calendar, Acronym, Glossaries, Punctua-
tions, White Spaces, Message Lengths, Legal statements, Trademarks, key name, etc..

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