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For Technical Translation, a standard terminology is one of the most important resources. FUEL terminology is of modular nature and concentrates on base registers. This feature make FUEL citizen-centric and so FUEL has great potential to be an ideal solution even for e-Governance work. FUEL project initially started working by preparing a typical Desktop entries, called FUEL list. The FUEL list initially based on Desktop entries was first prepared in 2008. The entries were taken from frequently used applications and so it is called Frequently Used Entries for Localization and so the project is FUEL. The list contains three-four level of menus entries from editor, email-client, browser, messanger, office-suit, desktop menus, terminal.

We are working on developing some more new modules. As an ideal-typical desktop seems to be moving towards browser and hand-held devices, need is to concentrate on these aspect as well and prepare the community for the same. Compared to a desktop, mobile is being used by much larger mass. The time is changing fast, mobiles are fast becoming more and more important and so we have prepared the fuel-mobile module. Like mobile, importance of web is continuously increasing. So we have created one module in which entries taken from blogging tool, social networking, content management systems, wiki etc called fuel-web.

If you have any issue with the terminologies, you can create a ticket against that one from here.

You can use Fedora Account System (FAS) to create tickets for reporting issues.