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– Sweta Kothari


Name: Gujrati

Author : Sweta Kothari

Publisher: Fuel Project

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike

Copyrights: Copyright 2011 Fuel Project and Rajesh Ranjan

The Perpose of this style guide is to provide everybody involved in the localization of computer Gujarati

translations, The style guide will be very helpful in making the translation better as different people are

adopting different styles and this result in inconistency and lack of flow in the text. It will help to make our

translation more fair, more accurate, more consistent. The style & convention guide will try to help translators

and interested localization engineers in increasing understandability of several aspects of translation. This

guide will talk about Characters, Fonts, Date, Time, Collation, Numerals, Calendar, Acronym, Glossaries, Punc-
tuations, White Spaces, Message Lengths, Legal statements, Trademarks, key name, etc..

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